Welcome to my gallery of horse and dog paintings that range from Pet Portraits to traditional equine studies or Stud Portraits.

 Please spend time to browse and have patience while these images load. If you do you will see passionate portraits of horses and dogs, especially longdogs. Paintings in varied styles but always in classic compositions.











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 The paintings are either commissions or private work that span the last ten years. Some new exciting work, some older timeless images, but above all, they are gentle traditional portraits aiming to express grace and elegance, qualities I love to watch in horses and the Longdogs I own.



 Portrait Heads





My painting finds influence in the great animal portraitists, Munnings, Landseer, Crawhall and Stubbs but ultimately they are created by a long lived passion from within me. All my works are painted in French Sennelier Oil colour. I stretch my own supports with fine portrait canvas, and linin, when I am feeling particularly brave.



 Full Horses





 If you would like to commission a portrait of your own I will be pleased to discus details with you. Whether you show your thoroughbred or breed standard and want a record of their success, or just wish for a keepsake of your pet. I work from photographs which I much prefer to take myself, so if you are not too far away I can arrange to visit you.



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 Enjoy looking today and please revisit this new website. I am always working so there will be new paintings to look at.

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