Sylvia's Sargent Pepper




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This portrait was copied from a single photograph, another to help me with Beau's colour

I was very concerned at the time, not having met him and once or twice I felt I was working in the dark but I think this horse had a magic in him.  

I am convinced of it now, almost a year latter.

I think he helped a lot.

 Things like that sometimes happen and it is always very exciting and rewarding.

I didn't have the opportunity to meet Sargent Pepper. Or "Beau" as he was more commonly known.

Naomie and Raymond who run The Ladymire Equestrian Centre at Ellon Aberdeenshire, contacted me a few days after Sylvia lost him. They both wanted something very special for Sylvia and I was moved by their selflessness and passion.

I Think that they were largely responsible for the success of this dreamy portrait painting.

The inspiration that they gave me.