While growing up in a small village on the North Downs of England, I developed an understanding of horses and painting and both subjects have remained a large part of my life.

I learnt drawing skills from my father, an Architect and Artist, in a house with white interiors that were full of all sort of artwork. He has a very strong sense of design and is immensely creative, I have always been greatly inspired by him. I remember that he was always doing some thing creative. The most important to me was a red terra cotta Chinese horse. We visited the stables and I watched again as he made many drawings. He fired it in the kitchen oven, it was beautiful and although it didn't last that long it had a vast effect on me.
It was understood that I would study art but at one time I was drawn between this and continuing to work with horses, which I had been lucky enough to do for all of my childhood.

 Horses have always been an absolute passion but I realised it was the form and feel of them that was important to me, the emotions I had when I was able to capture and recreate that power and elegance. I think it is only in the last few years that I have felt confident in achieving it.





I studied sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art in the early 80`s but made only a few horses. I returned to them and painting after leaving the city with a BA hons. My college years were spent studying the roots of abstract art, both 2D and 3D. I have never seen myself as a realist, my interests have always been in the structure of the painted surface as well as the subjects form. I try to focus on creating a "painting" not just a likeness.

However my love of horses and dogs has often led me to paint them as truthfully as I possibly can. I love to paint that velvet shine but I always hope for a balance between realism and expression and an awareness of the painting's individuality and power to create itself.


We lived in Burgundy, France for several years where I became involved with the regional heavy horses, riding and driving and painting, I didn't want to come home. But I did and it marked a turning point for me, a time to push to the forefront a passion, to look seriously at what I do best.


This is however my first exhibition, the walls of my house, like my father's are littered with paintings. Now with a family of 4 children growing more independent, "life begins at 40" chimes a note of encouragement. I hope you enjoy the website, my new venture, the painting is the easy bit.


  I would like you to see these details of four of the paintings. It is very difficult to ensure that you see a true representation of the works, on line, not a good medium for viewing art. Colour and contrast will vary dramatically and if you are one up on me and have wide screen, these images will be slightly distorted.



 Two of my three Longdogs, we compete for space in the studio.